25th Anniversary Celebration

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Twenty-five years ago, then-Folsom Mayor Bob Holderness had a vision to bring employers, commuters, jurisdictions and transportation agencies together to address the transportation needs along the Highway 50 Corridor.

At first, that vision focused on Folsom and resulted in the creation of the Greater Folsom Transportation Management Association.

As the TMA grew, so did the realization that 50 Corridor mobility was dependent on all 50 Corridor communities in Sacramento and El Dorado counties working together to "improve the quality of life through effective transportation planning."

Today, the TMA's scope goes beyond transportation planning by implementing programs that improve mobility and air quality, and general quality of life for everyone who lives and works along the 50 Corridor.  We do that through our vanpool program, bicycle education and programming, transit training, carpool promotions and other programs that impact transportation along the corridor and the region.

In 2017, TMA programs resulted in more than 11 million vehicle miles reduced.